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RT1702 was one of the first Ambassadors to travel abroad for London Transport. She travelled through eight European countries to promote the 1951 Festival of Britain. The society have been the proud owners of this history laden RT for over 40 years and have striven to keep her looking in pristine condition.



In 1972, 3 colleagues at Catford bus garage decided to purchase RT1702. From this the Preservation Society was founded in order to preserve this iconic Ambassador of Great Britain. Since this time, we have been the proud owners of this history laden RT for over 40 years.


A vast majority of the preservation and maintenance work has been completed by members of the Society, to whom we are eternally grateful. Their continued support helps us completed the many tasks that arise in order to  preserve such a historic vehicle. They have striven to keep her looking in a pristine condition, to the best of their abilities, throughout this long period of time.

RT1702 can be seen at many shows and events, and the Society welcomes you in joining them to celebrate in beauty and history that RT1702 has to offer.


Dennis Denton (Standing on the far left of the photograph) was a driver at Hounslow Garage until moving to live in the Orpington area where he then began working at Catford Garage. He became a regular driver alongside Bob Wilkin on routes 180 and 160. Dennis came up with the original idea to buy RT1702, and for many years helped maintain RT1702 until he sadly passed away in July 2001 (After 33 years working with the buses).

Len Field (Standing between Dennis Denton and Bob Wilkin) started as a Conductor in 1955 following in the family transport connection after his dad who was a Tram Driver. Len worked at Catford Garage all of his working life, remaining a Conductor, before he finally retired in 1992. This was after the last conductors were withdrawn on Catfords last Crew Route 36B. Len continued with the preservation of RT1702 until his sad passing in July 2021

Bob Wilkin (Sitting in the cab of RT1702) started as a driver at Catford Garage in 1969 and then progressed to a Fitter and finally Engineering Foreman before leaving to go Coach driving in 1976. He then returned to Bus driving in 1990. In 1995 Bob joined London Underground as a Station Assistant and progressed to Guard, Train Operator and an Instructor Operator before retiring in 2017.


Want to visit the society and RT1702? Then why not come and see them and the RT at the shows and events that they will attend.

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